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The Construct It Tank is here to offer tons of fun for kids that love to build things. It is easy to see why Construct It sets have been such a huge hit with children and this tank is sure to keep the other toys in their bedroom in-line!


Construct It sets are perfect for children that love to make things. Rather than just sticking one block to another, Construct It sets are all about children learning the basics of engineering and figuring out how things are built. Each Construct It set comes with real tools! These are fun to use and will help a child get more invested in what they are building. The pieces are made from metal so it feels different and more “real” in comparison to your average building set.


The Construct It Tank is made up of 256 pieces so it provides a fun, but challenging experience for children. Each Construct It set is heavily themed around STEM learning which makes it fun, but also educational at the same time. The instructions make sure each step of the process is easy to understand so that there is no frustration while putting this together. Also, once completed, they can even use their own imagination and newly learned skills to come up with other cool designs.


Suitable for ages 8 and up.


Key Features:

  • This is one awesome-looking tank that is ready for war!
  • Kids will love using real tools to build this
  • The instructions make sure they know how to do each step
  • It comes with real tools inside the box
  • This is far more interactive than standard block building sets