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Anti Aircraft Gun

There is no danger from aerial threats in your child’s bedroom when they have this awesome Anti Aircraft gun that is part of the awesome Platinum X line from Construct It. 

This is part of the military series from Construct It. This is a really cool anti aircraft gun that has wheels, a cool gun, and just a really awesome design all around. The Platinum X range from Construct It is made with real stainless-steel parts which gives each item in the line a really cool and high-quality look to them. Included with each set is a set of real tools that children use to screw each piece into the right place. 

The Construct It range is perfect for those kids who love building things. Construct It make sure each step of the process is broken down into easy to understand steps. They will be learning the basics of engineering as they go so as well as having fun, children will also be picking up some fantastic and useful skills that will serve them well. At 381 pieces it will provide a great challenge, but it would also serve as a fantastic entry into the world of Construct It toys. 

Suitable for ages 8 and up. 

Key Features: 

  • This set is brought to life with stainless steel pieces
  • Included in the box are real tools that are used for construction
  • The instructions break down each step of the process
  • It is a great way to start or expand a Construct It collection
  • This set teaches children basic engineering skills