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This is one robot that is always ready for action just watch out he does not become too self-aware and take over the house! The Construct-It! Robot is a cybernetic bunch of fun for any child who loves to build things. The Construct It range is different from all the other building sets on the market. This one actually teaches basic engineering skills and is heavily inspired by STEM. It is not only something that is going to provide a great deal of fun, it is also going to teach them a thing or two as well.


The Construct-It! Robot contains 317 pieces making it one of the larger Construct It sets. It comes with a set of easy-to-understand instructions that actually teach how to use the included tools. This is a great way to help a child see how things in the real world are built. Those who have a more inquisitive mind will find this very stimulating! Using the tools, they will need to screw and connect all of the high-grade nickel-plated alloy pieces in order to bring this robotic warrior to life!


One of the best features of the Construct-It! Robot is the fact that as it does contain over 300 pieces. There are a ton of pieces for them to use in order to come up with their own mechanical creations. Not only will they be learning about engineering, but they can also use those skills along with their imagination to come up with some truly amazing metal structures, vehicles, and more!

Key Features:

  • It contains over 300 pieces!
  • Made with nickel-plated alloy
  • STEM learning at its very best
  • Basic engineering skills will be picked up as they put this together
  • Awesome looking robot!
  • Use their imagination to come up with their own creations!