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T-Rex Predator

Get ready for the king of the dinosaurs with this amazing Construct It Platinum X T-Rex set! Children will be able to create their own awesome T-Rex from scratch with this, learning and having fun as they do!

Construct It sets are the best building-based sets/toys around. They teach children the basics of engineering and they help them work on their motor skills and creative thinking too. This set here is part of the Platinum X range which means the pieces are made from stainless steel which gives them a cool look and feel. This set comes with real tools inside the box. Kids will love using these to put each piece of this awesome-looking T-Rex into place. While this set is a great deal of fun. Construct It are all about STEM learning and this is why children learn as well as play.

The Construct It Platinum X T-Rex is made up of 159 pieces so it is a good challenge. It is far more interesting and hands-on than snapping simple blocks together! Included in the box is a set of detailed instructions. These make sure that each step of the building process is as easy to understand as possible. Once kids have had fun with the T-Rex, they can also use the pieces to make anything their imagination can come up with!

Suitable for ages 8 and up.

Key Features:

  • Children can make the king of the dinosaurs, the T-Rex!
  • A set of real tools are included in the box
  • This set is both fun and educational
  • A great way to develop their fine motor skills
  • The perfect gift to help inspire a child’s creativity