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Multi Crane 3 In 1

The Construct It Multi Crane 3 in 1 is one of the most featured packed sets in the Construct It line! Junior engineers are going to have a ton of creative fun putting this set together!


What makes the Construct It Multi Crane 3 in 1 such a great set is that they get three builds in one here. They can make a cool crane that can actually rotate 360 degrees and move! They can also build a very smart-looking windmill and a weighing station as well. Like all Construct It sets, this one is based around STEM learning and children will be learning the basics of engineering with this set. One of the reasons that Construct It sets are so popular is that each set comes with real tools that are used for construction!


While this set is awesome in that it offers three builds in one. A huge part of the fun with a Construct It set is using their newly developed skills and imagination to come up with their own creations. This set contains 273 pieces so they are going to be able to get really creative with what they build!


Suitable for children ages 8 and up.

Key Features:

  • They can make three amazing structures with this set!
  • Construct It teaches children the basics of engineering
  • They get to use real tools
  • This is a fun way for them to be creative
  • The instructions are clear and easy to follow