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Looking To The Past To Build The Future: The Story Of Construct IT DIY Mechanical Kits.

Back in 1898, Frank Hornby unknowingly set the stage for inspiring generations of children worldwide. His invention allowed children to unleash their creativity using metal to craft an array of incredible structures, from vehicles to bridges and homes.

While Construct IT is now ushering in a new era. By drawing from the success of earlier construction toys, Construct IT introduces an entirely fresh line of construction sets for kids around the globe. These sets empower youngsters to work with real tools and metal components, enabling them to breathe life into an array of exciting creations. Moreover, each Construct IT set places significant emphasis on the STEAM disciplines.

Science, technology, engineering, arts, and math all play vital roles in the development of Construct IT sets, whether it's a fighter jet, a train, or a truck. These sets not only encourage children to explore their creativity but also foster learning, all while providing endless entertainment.

In the end, Construct IT sets are here to ignite and challenge the imaginative minds of the future.