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Back Hoe Truck

For the tough jobs that need doing in the toybox, backyard, or wherever we have the Construct It! Back Hoe Truck. If you know a child who loves building sets and coming up with cool designs then Construct It is perfect for them.


Construct It is the best around when it comes to construction sets. Each set features a cool vehicle such as this Back Hoe Truck. While the truck will be a lot of fun to play with. Putting it together is just as much fun! Construct It sets are put together with real engineering and mechanics skills, skills which children will learn as they are putting the truck together piece by piece.


As soon as children hold that first metal piece in their hands they know that is different from the simple snapping into place plastic block sets they have had in the past. Construct It uses metal pieces that have to be screwed into place with real tools! The real tools that come with each set are ultra-cool and thanks to the simple instructions they will know how to use these in no time at all.


The Construct It! Back Hoe Truck has 129 pieces that complete it. While building and playing with the Back Hoe Truck is fun. Children can also use their imagination and newly learned engineering skills to use the pieces to make other fun things as well. 

Suitable for ages 8 and up. 


Key Features:

  • Heavily influenced by S.T.E.M learning
  • The truck is a ton of fun to play with
  • Teaches children the basics of engineering
  • The tools and metal pieces are lots of fun
  • The instructions break down every step of the process