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Express Truck

For children that love to build things, the Construct It Build-Ables Express Truck is the ultimate gift!

The Build-Ables series from Construct It is a ton of fun for kids that love to put things together. What makes this so awesome is that in the box is a special kids sized tool kit that they will use to bring this epic cement truck to life! This is not only so much more fun than just snapping blocks together! It also teaches children about using tools, and the basics of engineering, and their fine motor skills are getting worked on too! Construct It merges fun and education better together than anyone else and it is why they are the best construction based sets around.

While they will be learning a thing or two as they bring this cool cement truck to life. They will also be having a lot of fun too. Once this is built, they can drive it around their room, and thanks to the flashing lights and sounds, this thing is going to be something they really enjoy playing with. At 80 pieces, it is a great way to get into the Build-Ables series, and also, each step of the building process is explained in a clear and precise manner to make sure kids do not get frustrated as they go.

Suitable for ages 5 and up.

Key Features:

  • Children can build an awesome cement truck with this set!
  • They will be learning about the fun world of engineering
  • At around 80 pieces, this would be a great first set for a child
  • They will love using the tool kit that is included in the box
  • Playing with this cement truck is going to be a lot of fun