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Fire Engine

As part of the awesome Build-Ables series from Construct It, this Fire Engine set is going to be something that kids have a great deal of fun building!

There is a good reason why Construct It are the number one construction brand for kids! Each set comes with a real tool kit that kids will use to bring a cool vehicle to life. In the case of the Construct It Build-Ables Fire Engine set, a really awesome fire engine! They will have to put each piece in the right place and screw them together. While this is a lot of fun, children are also learning the basics of engineering as they play which is fantastic!

This fire engine is really awesome! It is nice and bright and lights up, makes sounds, and they will love zooming this around their home, rescuing other toys that are in danger. Also included is a fun accessory kit that they can use for even more imaginative play. One of the best things about Construct It is that their sets come with easy-to-follow instructions so there is no frustration as children put it together. Even the box is great as it can be used for storage!

Suitable for ages 5 and up.

Key Features:

  • This set comes with an awesome tool kit
  • Children will have to build this fire engine!
  • It looks cool and makes fun sounds and even lights up!
  • At just over 100 pieces, it is a fun set to build
  • It is packed with educational value as well as fun!