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Cement Truck

Get ready for some heavy-duty construction action with the Cement Truck set from the Platinum X Range of sets by Construct It. Any child who loves cool vehicles and building things is going to have an awesome time with this. 


Is there a cooler vehicle on a construction site than a cement truck? Well, little engineers can build their very own one with this set. This cement truck is made using real stainless-steel pieces, real tools and this one even has moving parts like real gears! This thing is awesome and a great deal of fun. While the Construct It range is all about children having a great time, they are also getting a great mental workout too. 


Each Construct It set teaches children the basics of engineering and encourages them to think about the way the world around them works. 


They will be learning how to use real tools and the instructions break down each and every step of the process in very easy-to-understand steps. This set comes in at 669 pieces so there are more than enough pieces here for kids to come up with their own cool vehicles and structures! 


Suitable for ages 8 and up.

Key Features: 

  • Kids can build an epic cement truck
  • This is part of the Platinum X range so it comes with stainless steel pieces!
  • Real tools are included in the box
  • Children will be learning the basics of engineering as they are having fun
  • With over 600 pieces, they can make anything they can imagine!