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Cement Truck

Is there anything cooler than a cement truck? Well, with this amazing Construct It Cement Truck set, would-be engineers and mechanics can have a ton of fun building their own toy cement truck from scratch!


At 150 pieces the Construct It Cement Truck is a great way for a child to introduce themselves to this amazing line of construction/building toys. It also works as a great addition for a child that already has a few Construct It sets. What makes this and the whole line so much fun and so rewarding for a child is that they get to use actual real tools. Each set in this line comes with a set of real tools that are used to screw and attach all of the metal pieces together.


Each Construct It set is heavily influenced via the principles of STEM learning. This means that while children will be having a great deal of fun. They are also going to be learning a lot too and also picking up some very useful skills. Any child that loves to build things is going to have a fun time with the Construct It Cement Truck.


Suitable for ages 8 and up.

Key Features:

  • Children can build their own cool cement truck
  • The instructions make sure each step is easy to understand
  • Children will be learning the basics of engineering
  • They get to use real tools which is cool