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Chopper Motorcycle

The Construct It Chopper Motor Cycle Mega Set is the ultimate easy rider and once built it will certainly make you the leader of the pack! Construct It are number one when it comes to construction sets. This one here is part of their Mega Set range which is awesome.


It comes jam-packed with 450 pieces including two massive tires to let you burn rubber with this cool looking chopper! The instructions teach you about engineering as you go and thanks to STEM learning, children will be learning as they have fun. The high-quality metal-based pieces have a real shine to them which really will make this stand out from the pack!


These pieces do not just snap together like more basic construction sets out there. What really sets Construct It apart from the rest is that they give you real tools to piece together each set. Let’s face it no matter if you are 8, 18, or 108 that is cool! Learning how to use tools and how things go together is a great skill.


There is no denying that the Construct It Chopper Motor Cycle Mega Set looks awesome. However, as there are over 400 pieces, this means that those with a creative spark can come up with their own cool bikes, structures, and anything else they can imagine.

Key Features:

  • Has over 400 pieces
  • The chopper looks super cool
  • Instructions are detailed and very easy to follow
  • All the tools required are included in the box
  • It is not only fun but also very educational