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Chopper Roadster

If you know a youngster who loves bikes and who is an easy rider this Construct It Chopper Roadster is the perfect gift for them. They get to build a really cool chopper and then have it race all the other toys in the toybox!


The Construct It Chopper Roadster is part of the excellent Construct It series of construction based toys. Children who love to build things and love to express their creative side are going to have a lot of fun with this.


This has 99 pieces and what is neat about this is that this is actually made from real metal pieces! Children will get their own little tool kit that comes in the box and with this, they must screw each piece into place. Each set in the Construct It range comes with instructions that are made with children in mind. They will be learning all about the basics of engineering and these instructions make sure each step of the way is easy to follow.


While any child that builds this awesome chopper is going to have a great deal of fun with it. A huge part of the fun with Construct It is that they can use the pieces and the tool kit to come up with their own cool creations. Construct It are all about STEM learning so even though children will be having a lot of fun with this. They also will be learning some key new skills and giving their fine motor skills a good work out too! No other construction sets mix fun and learning as well as Construct It does!


Suitable for ages 8 and up.

Key Features:

  • This is one rad and awesome chopper!
  • Any child that loves to make things will enjoy putting this together
  • The instructions are designed to be as easy to follow as possible
  • The included mini tool kit is very cool and fun to use
  • A great gift idea if you are looking for something fun and educational