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Tower Crane

The Flexibles line from Construct It brings their buildable form of fun to younger children. Children who love to make things and love cool vehicles will have a great time putting together and playing with this awesome Tower Crane!

Made up of 92 pieces the Construct It Flexibles Tower Crane is a great way for a child to truly embrace their creative side. Each set in this line comes with real tools! What makes these great for younger children is that the tools and the pieces are made with a soft plastic that ensures they have a little bit of give and are flexible, but this also means that they are great and safer for younger children. Kids are going to love having this Tower Crane to complete all kinds of amazing and tough jobs in their room and their toybox!

While the Construct It Flexibles range is a lot of fun, each set is designed with the principles of STEM learning in mind. Children will be using their fine motor skills to build this, but they will also be working on colour and shape recognition as well as being encouraged to think outside of the box. Each set is packed with fun and children can actually use all of the pieces and tools to come up with their own cool creations.

Suitable for ages 5 and up.

Key Features:

  • Soft and flexible pieces are great for younger children
  • Kids are going to love making this Tower Crane!
  • STEM learning is what this line is all about
  • A great gift idea for children who enjoy making things
  • Children will be working on their development as well as having fun