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Cement Truck

The Miniature Constructables Cement Truck is the coolest vehicle on the job site! This series is all about children developing their key skills as they use real tools to build something that is awesome and fun to play with.


The Miniature Constructables Cement Truck is made from 98 pieces and these are not just little blocks that children have to snap into place. Each set in the Miniature Constructables series is made from real metal and put together with real tools! This is a lot of fun and everything they need to complete the job is included right inside of the box.


Kids love making things and as they get to use tools, they will have a real sense of pride each time that they play with this cool cement truck. This is a very collectible line from Construct It. These have the same kind of quality that the larger sets do, they are just much smaller, affordable, and more collectible too!


While it is great that children have fun with the Miniature Constructables line. These sets, including the cement mixer here, are packed with educational value. STEM learning is what the good people at Construct It are all about. With this set, children will be learning the very basics of engineering and developing an understanding of how things are made.


It is going to open their eyes and make them think about things more. They will be using their problem-solving skills, hand-eye coordination, critical thinking, and even their imaginative thinking as well. These sets are just about them having fun and a cool new toy to play with. They are far deeper than that and if you want something that they will learn from as well as enjoy playing with.


Suitable for ages 6 and up.

Key Features:

  • They get to use real tools which are included in the box
  • These are nice and small, so they take up next to no space at all
  • Children are going to love collecting these and adding more and more of them to their collection
  • This cement truck looks very cool!
  • Parents will love how their children are learning as they play