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No matter how big the job is the Miniature Constructables Mini Excavator makes sure it gets done. The Miniature Constructables series from Construct It is bringing pint-sized construction-based fun for little would be engineers!


What is so awesome about the Miniature Constructables Mini Excavator is that as part of the Miniature Constructables series, children can build this really cool mini excavator that they can then play with all over the house. Construct It are number one when it comes to children’s building toys.


Each set in this series comes with actual tools that children will use to put each metal piece in place! The instructions are very easy to understand so there is no frustration or bad-tempered yelling when putting this together. The Miniature Constructables series takes all of the big burley fun that Construct It is known for and puts it in the palm of their hand.


While there is tons of fun to be had with the Miniature Constructables Mini Excavator. What is truly great about this series is that it is packed with so much educational value, you would need a whole team of excavators to move it all!


Construct It sets are all about STEM learning so that children learn as they are having fun and that rings true for this new smaller series too. From the basics of engineering to sharping those hand-eye coordination skills, these sets offer so much to a child’s development.

Suitable for ages 6 and up.

Key Features:

  • Kids are going to love building and playing with this mini excavator
  • This like all other sets in this line has all they need right inside of the box
  • The included tools are a lot of fun to use
  • This is far more fun than snapping blocks into place
  • It is all about STEM learning!