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Go Kart

Hit the track or the streets with this speedy and fun Miniature Constructables Go Kart. The Miniature Constructables series is the ultimate in collectible construction-based toys!


The Miniature Constructables Go Kart is comprised of 69 pieces and these are “proper” pieces too! Children will love how their cool go-kart has lots of metal pieces on it and they will love even more that they get to use actual tools to put it together. That is right, there is no basic block clipping together here! With this set, children will be introduced to the world of engineering and mechanics and have a lot of fun doing so.


Each set in this series comes with very easy-to-follow instructions, which keeps the fun high and the frustration low. These sets are very collectible and children will love adding more to their collection. As they are small in stature and small in price, adding more to the collection is far easier than with larger toys!


No doubt, children will love putting together the Miniature Constructables Go Kart. However, they will also be able to use their creative side to come up with their own fun vehicles and structures too! The way that these sets help boost creativity, increase critical thinking and enhance problem-solving skills is all down to the way that every set in the Construct It family is all about STEM learning! Any child who enjoys building things is going to love having fun with this!

Suitable for ages 6 and up.

Key Features:

  • The small size of this go-kart means that it is great for kids who like to take their toys everywhere
  • The small size also means that they do not take up a lot of space and are modestly priced
  • Children will be learning new skills as they put this together
  • These make for great stocking stuffers or as a low-cost gift as a special treat
  • All they need, including the tools are inside the box