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Mine Truck

Hauling big loads is nice and easy with the Miniature Constructables Mine Truck! This is part of the very popular Miniature Constructables line which is all about children making cool vehicles with real metal pieces and real tools!


With 68 pieces the Miniature Constructables Mine Truck is going to be a great deal of fun for children to put together. What is great about this is that children get to use real tools which are included inside the box to put this together. Children will get a real kick out of using these tools and it will give them a real sense of pride and accomplishment each time they play with their awesome Mine Truck.


Each set in the Miniature Constructables line is designed to be pint-size so it is perfect to be carried around, displayed, and collected. Inside the box are very easy-to-follow instructions so that they know exactly what they are doing.


Children are going to enjoy putting each piece of the Miniature Constructables Mine Truck together, but there is more to the Miniature Constructables line than just fun. These sets actually teach children the basics of engineer and thanks to STEM learning principles, children will be developing many key skills as they build this.


From working on their hand-eye coordination to using their problem-solving skills, this set is packed with educational value as well as fun. Children learn better when they are having fun and that is something Construct It knows better than anyone.

Suitable for ages 6 and up.

Key Features:

  • This is one very awesome Mine Truck that they get to build
  • Each set in the Miniature Constructables series is based around STEM learning
  • These are low cost, but provide a ton of fun
  • Children are going to love collecting these!
  • It is very cool how children will be learning the basics of engineering