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Off Roader

Drive all around the Outback with this very cool Miniature Constructables 4WD Off-Roader set. Children get to build this mini-sized awesome vehicle with real metal pieces and real tools!


Children who enjoy making things are going to love the Miniature Constructables 4WD Off-Roader. The Miniature Constructables series from Construct It offers the same kind of construction-based fun as the larger sets, but on a much smaller and more collectible scale. This 4WD Off-Roader is one very cool-looking vehicle that kids will have a ton of fun putting together, piece by piece.


Inside the box are a set of tools that are required to screw and put each piece in its proper place. This is just so much more fun than the standard building sets where you snap blocks together! They also give children a set of instructions that are easy to follow and understand.


These Miniature Constructables are just a ton of fun to collect. They take up very little space and can be taken with them no matter where they go! While the fun here is very high, each set in this line also has a lot of educational value too. Construct It design their sets with STEM learning in mind. This means that children will be learning new skills as they play and as they are having fun, these new skills that they are learning will really stick! No other construction set mixes fun and learning as well as the Miniature Constructables do!

Suitable for ages 6 and up.

Key Features:

  • This set is all about the principles of STEM learning
  • Children get to build a very cool 4WD Off Roader with their own hands!
  • Inside the box is everything that they need to complete the project
  • Children will actually be learning the basics of engineering with this set!
  • The Miniature Constructables line is fun, collectable, and very affordable too!