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Dump Truck

The Build-ables Plus Dump Truck Demolition Mover is one of the most fun sets from this exciting range by Construct It!

The Build-ables Plus Dump Truck Demolition Mover is a super fun set for children that love to make things. The idea of the Build-ables series from Construct It is that children will use the little tool kit that comes in the box to put all of the pieces together and once they are done they have a cool dump truck that they can play with. As this makes sounds, lights up, and can zoom all over the floor, they will have just as much playing with this as they do building it. It even comes with a neat accessory pack that contains road signs!

The instructions that The Build-ables Plus Dump Truck Demolition Mover comes with are simple to follow and children will be actually learning the basics of engineering as they put each piece into its rightful place. The set comes packaged in a really cool clip case that keeps it all safe and gives them a place to store the dump truck if they ever want to take it apart.

Suitable for ages 5 and up.

Key Features:

  • This set allows them to make a fun dump truck demolition mover
  • It comes with a fun tool kit for children to use
  • Putting this together will teach them the basics of engineering
  • They will have fun building and playing with this
  • It comes in a very cool carrying case