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Eiffel Tower

Add a little French to their Construct It collection with this amazing Construct It Eiffel Tower. Construct It is the best around when it comes to getting kids to have fun, but also learning as they do!


This set as you can tell is all about the famous Eiffel Tower! It is pretty awesome how this set is actually based on a real structure. One of the benefits of the Construct It line is that it teaches children the basic principles of engineering. As this is based on a real structure, it could inspire them to take an interest in how things around them are made! The Construct It Eiffel Tower looks very cool, but it is the actual construction of it that they are going to love. Each set in the Construct It range is put together with real metal pieces and real tools!


They are going to have no trouble with the project as the instructions are very clear and direct. While the Eiffel Tower is going to look incredible on display in their room. They can also use the 225 pieces that make up this set to come up with their own creations! Construct It sets are a wonderful way for a child to embrace and show their creative side.


Suitable for children ages 8 and up.

Key Features:

  • They get to build the Eiffel Tower and that is awesome
  • Using real tools is a lot of fun
  • They could be inspired to learn more about the way things are made
  • Everything they need is included in the box
  • Construct It sets are all about the principles of STEM learning