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Fire Rescue

Save the day with this epic Fire Rescue 3 in 1 set from Construct It! The Construct It series is the number one creative based toy on the market right now and little engineers who want to be firemen are going to have a whole host of fun with this set.


Even though the Construct It Fire Rescue 3 in 1 set allows children to make three different vehicles, this is still one of the “beginners” sets in the line. It contains 121 pieces and comes with real tools that are used to screw and attach each piece into place. While this is fun and children who like making things are going to get a real kick out of this. Construct It are very clever in that their sets are based around the principles of STEM learning and they will be picking up the basics of engineering with this incredible set.


While just being able to make a cool metal Fire Truck would have made this set great. Children can use all of the pieces here to also make a Fire Engine and a Helicopter too! So once they are done playing with one of the configurations, they can get the tools out and turn it into one of the other vehicles. Each of the three vehicle configurations has easy to follow instructions so there is no frustration here while they are building. Plus, they can use these newly learned skills to come up with their own creations too.


Suitable for ages 8 and up.

Key Features:

  • This set allows children to make three different fire rescue vehicles!
  • The red metal pieces really make each vehicle pop
  • Children will be learning the basics of engineering thanks to this set
  • This is one of the entry level sets in the Construct It series
  • A great gift idea for a child that loves to make things