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Lift Truck

This Construct It Articulated Lift Truck is the perfect way to make sure all the other vehicles, toys, and playsets in their room can be repaired. This is part of the incredible Platinum X range from Construct It which lets kids have some creative and mechanical fun!


Made up of 310 pieces the Construct It Articulated Lift Truck is a fantastic addition to their collection or even an awesome place for them to start. What makes this really neat is that it is from Construct It’s Platinum X range. This uses real stainless steel pieces that look awesome and have a real “industrial” type feel to them. What makes this series so popular is that children get to learn the basics of engineering as they go. Picking up skills like this at a young age can have many benefits as they get older. Even with all the educational value, this is still a ton of fun.


This Articulated Lift Truck looks really cool and they will have a lot of fun playing with it once they are done. It actually moves up and down which is really cool. Each set in the Construct It Platinum X range comes with an easy to follow set of instructions. These make sure that children are having fun and do not become frustrated. The instructions take them through each step and completing a project like this can be a real confidence boost.


Suitable for ages 8 and up.

Key Features:

  • This is one cool articulated lift truck
  • The stainless steel pieces here give it a more premium style
  • Children will be having fun and also learning as they go
  • This would make a great starter set or a first set
  • Kids will learn the basics of engineering with this set