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Mini Tanker

The Construct It line is the ultimate in construction-based toys and this Construct It Mini Tanker Truck is fantastic. Children can have fun, learn new skills and at the end of it, all have an awesome mini tanker truck to play with.

Like all other Construct It sets, the Construct It Mini Tanker Truck is going to allow children to bring to life a cool vehicle with real tools! That is right, there is no simple snapping blocks together with Construct It! These sets are all about using real tools to screw things together and the instructions will break down each step of the process. What is cool about this is that children are actually learning basic engineering and mechanical skills as they go.

The Construct It Mini Tanker Truck is made with 150 pieces which are more than enough for children to develop their own cool vehicles. They get to use their imagination, the tools, the metal pieces, and their newly learned engineering skills. Construct It is a great way to help a creative child really sharpen those creative skills!


Suitable for ages 8 and up.


Key Features:

All kids will love building a mini tanker truck

The real tools are a lot of fun for them to use

They will be having fun, but also learning new skills as they go

Heavily influenced by STEM learning