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Race Car

Kick things into high gear with this amazing Miniature Constructables Race Car. As part of the Miniature Constructables line, this Race Car is here to offer would-be engineers and mechanics a bit of pint-sized Construct It action!


The whole Miniature Constructables series is just so much fun to collect. This line has all of the fun and excitement of the larger Construct It sets, but at a smaller scale and at a much smaller price point too. This Miniature Constructables Race Car is made from 57 pieces and these are real metal pieces that are put together with real tools which are included inside the box.


It is a super fun little set and thanks to the very easy-to-follow instructions, children are going to be able to put this together at their own pace. This will ensure they are having fun and not getting frustrated.


What is really cool about the Miniature Constructables series is the way that children will be learning the basics of engineering as they play. They will start to get a better understanding of the way things in the world are made. This is far more fun than your standard block building sets.


One of the reasons that this line is so great is just how collectible it is. These are nice and small so they take up no space at all, plus as they add sets to their collection, they can use all of their pieces and imagination to make their own things!

Suitable for ages 6 and up.

Key Features:

  • This is one cool and fast little race car
  • The Miniature Constructables series is a lot of fun for children to collect
  • This whole line is small on stature, small on price, but big on fun!
  • It is a great way to expose children to the world of engineering
  • Instructions are very easy to follow