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Tip Truck

The Construct It! Tip Truck is here to offer children lots of fun, lots of learning, and more! When it comes to construction-based toys, Construct-It is the best around. This set is great in that it is not only affordable, but it is also jam-packed with fun and educational value.
Each set in this line is geared towards children developing their problem-solving skills, getting a better understanding of the way things are made, and even developing engineering and mechanics-based skills! It does all of this in a fun and exciting way, children will be learning, but not actually aware that they are!
A huge reason why Construct-It sets are so popular is the way they are made. You do not just snap together pieces of plastic here. Instead, you are playing with real metal and using real screws and real tools to put it all together. Each page of the instruction booklet breaks down each step in a simple to understand way. Once they are done, not only do they have a cool tip truck to play with. They also have new skills and a better understanding of how things are made.
This set contains 129 pieces and a huge part of the fun is children coming up with their own creative constructions! If you are looking for a set that is fun and has S.T.E.M running all through it, you cannot go wrong with this.
Suitable for ages 8 and up.

Key Features:

  • S.T.E.M learning
  • The tip truck looks cool and is fun to play with 129 pieces
  • Made with real metal!
  • Tools, screws, and everything else they need is included