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Tow Truck

As part of the Platinum X range from Construct It, this Tow Truck set really is awesome! Little engineers are going to have a whole lot of fun as they put this amazing tow truck together and then play with it or have it on display in their room!


Construct It make the very best construction based sets around. This one is all about bringing to life a very cool looking tow truck. The Construct It Tow Truck is made up of 310 pieces and as this is part of the Platinum X line from Construct It, it is that extra bit special. The pieces here are made with real stainless steel which gives them a very awesome chrome kind of look. Each set in this range comes with real tools and children will learn the basics of engineering as they put each piece into the right place.


One of the things that parents love about the Construct It series is that each set comes with very easy to follow instructions. Children will be guided each step of the way, taking away any frustration. They will love using the real tools to build this and they can even use their new engineering skills to come up with their own creations as well.


Suitable for ages 8 and up.

Key Features:

  • This tow truck really does look awesome
  • Children get to build this with real tools which are included in the box
  • The stainless steel pieces give this a real premium look and feel
  • It is awesome how it teaches children the basics of engineering
  • They can use their newly learned skills and imagination to make their own creations!