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4 in 1 Aero Power Set

The Construct-It 4 In 1 Aero Power Set is a tremendous way for children to have some creative fun. Construct-It allows children to bring to life awesome vehicles and this set allows them to build two jets and two helicopters!


While they will be having a great deal of fun with this set, Construct-It also teaches children the basics of engineering and gives them an idea of how to handle real tools. That is right, each set in the Construct-It range comes with a set of real tools!

Key Features:

  • This set contains four different vehicles for them to build
  • Construct-It sets teach children the basics of the world of engineering
  • They can use all of the pieces and tools along with their imagination to make other things
  • They are going to love using the included real tools!
  • This is a great set to start a Construct-It collection or even as an extra pack for a child that already loves Construct-It sets