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Beach Buggy

Zoom along the beach, avoid the waves, and pull off sick driving moves with the Construct It! Beach Buggy! This is part of the more compact size of vehicles on offer from Construct-It!


Construct-It takes immense pride in being the best construction sets around right now. Each set is heavily influenced by S.T.E.M learning and children will be having a wonderful time as they build, but they will also be leaning as they do. What will they be learning? Well, Construct-It! Sets are fantastic for teaching children the basics of engineering, mechanics, and for helping them have an understanding and a curiosity for the way the world around them works.


Each Construct-It set is comprised of real metal parts! These look cool, feel cool and they give each set a more “real” feel. Also included are real tools that are used to screw each piece into place. Children will love using these tools and once the beach buggy is complete, it will be even more fun to play with as they built it themselves. Construct-It keeps things as straightforward as possible with the instructions so there is never any frustration.


The Construct It! Beach Buggy contains 119 pieces and is one of the more compact sets in the line. If you want to see just how good Construct-It sets are then this is a great place for you to start!


Suitable for ages 8 and up.

Key Features:

  • Made with real metal pieces!
  • Comes with real tools inside the box
  • It is fun to build and play with
  • A great way to encourage a child who likes to create things
  • Heavily influenced by S.T.E.M learning