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Stephensons Rocket

Thanks to the Construct It Stephenson’s Rocket you can now build one of the most famous locomotives in history, The Stephenson’s Rocket. Originally built in 1892, you can now use your own engineering skills to build this stainless-steel replica! As this is part of the Construct It Platinum X range, it is made with high-quality pieces and is suitable for younger would-be engineers It is fun to play with and also looks fantastic sitting as part of a collection.


While the Construct It Stephenson’s Rocket is a lot of fun to build. Due to the included real tools and the way it teaches basic engineering. This also has a ton of educational value, ranging from STEM learning to helping a would-be engineer think about how to build things. It is fun but educational fun!


The Construct It Stephenson’s Rocket is the perfect building set if you want something that is not only fun, but also based on a real-life vehicle. Younger builders will have a really great time with this and due to the fact, it has over 400 pieces. They can even use their newly learned engineering skills to come up with their own cool creations.


Key Features:

  • Great for younger builders
  • Made with high-grade nickel plate alloy
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Based on the classic Stephenson’s Rocket!
  • Promotes STEM learning
  • Will encourage an interest in engineering